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Yonker Environmental Protection Co,.Ltd founded in 2004,is a comprehensive service group with whole eco-environmental protection industry chain,“China’s top 50 best innovation enterprise”,is the only listed environmental protection enterprises in Hunan province.With employees over 1500,Yonker Group has established several regional subsidiaries in Atlanta, USA,Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Xiong’an,etc.
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16 2019-08

On the morning of August 12th, Hu Zhongxiong, the mayor and deputy secretary of Changsha municipal party committee, party work committee secretary of Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, and his team came to Yonker to investigate the wor

02 2019-07

On September 25th, the on-site survey meeting of National Key R&D Program entitled “Research and integrated demonstration for the safe utilization of Comprehensive Control and Redevelopment Technology at Nonferrous Metals Smelting Site in central-south of China” which is undertaken by Yonker as the leading unit was successfully held

28 2019-06

The third international solid waste & soil remediation summit in 2019 was held in Beijing from September 5th to 6th Dr Si Kecheng, chief engineer and technical expert of Remediation Technical Center of Yonker, was invited to

National Leading Enterprises in Competitiveness of Integrated Environmental Services
In recent years,Yonker has been elected as vice president of the China association Of Environmental Protection Industry,has won the“national comprehensive environmental services competitiveness leading enterprise”、“Great contribution enterprise of energy-saving and emission-reduction”、“Listed company with best environmental benefits”、“Enterprise with most social benefits”,etc.
The leading environmental science and technology,to create the green land with blue water and sky.
Yonker will squeezed onto“China Top 500 Private Enterprises、China Top 500 Enterprises、World Top 500 Enterprises”,become global comprehensive environmental services competitiveness leading enterprise.
Focus on environmental controlling / Care for green mountains a